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This high performance stabilized Pan Tilt Zoom observation system features interchangeable thermal imaging or daylight channel cameras and can be fully integrated with the AutoFlight autopilot module and the Ground Control Software. This system provides high resolution and sensitivity at a very light-weight. When combined with the Autoflight autopilot and software, this system provides you with plug-and-play camera centric operation that allows the UAV-flight to be controlled by the camera (fly by camera).


Exceptional Imaging Performance

Standard and infrared imaging capability
This camera is a solution that perfectly integrates with our AutoFlight autopilot module.
  • A two axis gimbal stabilizes the video camera in yaw/roll and elevation providing a stable image even at high zoom factors.
  • A high resolution color CCD camera capable of 800K pixels, 25x optical zoom and 1.0VP-P composite video output give you exceptional day imaging capability.
  • The cameras operate on a single power source and consume only 3 watts.
  • A FLIR sensor operating in the 8-12mm spectral range, 50mm germanium lens, 320x240 resolution, sensitivity greater than 85 degrees mK and a frame rate of 30Hz gives you crisp image results under night conditions.
Camera Centric Operation




Convenient, intuitive package with maximum flexibility

          The PTZ camera comes fully integrated
          with your an AutoFlight autopilot.
  • The camera's light weight, compact size and low power consumption makes it ideal for installation in all of our UAV systems.
  • The PTZ dayview and nightview cameras are field interchangeable for maximum flexibility.
  • PAL and NTSC versions are available.
  • When used in conjunction with AutoFlight and the GCS software, this system allows camera positioning, pointing, orbiting and fly-by camera.

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