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Rotrob offers avionik modules for helicopter stabilization and autonomous flight. The stabilization module is ideally combined with a long range radio control module (LRRC). The autopilot modules for autonomous navigation flights are being controlled via a ground control station (GCS).



The FlightAssist module allows to fly the helicopter remotely controlled without having to worry about actually piloting the helicopter. The helicopter will be fully stabilized. When idling the controls, FlightAssist will accurately hold the helicopter at its current position, giving you the opportunity to command its payload, collect sensor data , take pictures or videos etc..


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The AutoFlight module is a full featured autopilot enabling you to have the helicopter navigate to follow predefined missions and patterns. It can also control the helicopters payload and free you from the line of sight operational limit. Using this module, the maximum operating range will only be defined by the airframes flight endurance or the data link range. This autopilot is being controlled by a Ground Control Station (GCS).

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