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MARVIN is an unmanned autonomous system designed for low-cost civil and commercial applications. The helicopter airframes are dedicated  UAV developments to ensure a high grade of reliability.

Our currently available airframes are:




MARVIN S14 is a small airframe with a maximum takoff weight of 14 kg and a payload capacity of 7 kg maximum. With a standard tank capacity of 0.65 liter  it is able to stay aloft for about 30 min.

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This airframe is our medium size design. It allows to carry 12 kg of payload with a max. takeoff weight not exceeding 25kg. It gives you the maximum possible payload without being subjected to the strict deployment rules in Europe that apply to aircraft exceeding the 25kg takeoff weight limit.

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MARVIN L40 is a fully enclosed helicopter with the ability to carry up to 20 kg of payload.This makes it especially useful for applications where heavy sensors or a very long mission endurance is required.

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