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Ground Control Station

AutoFlight ground control station.

The MARVIN-AutoFlight System includes a Ground Control Station (GCS) for controlling the helicopter, its payload and mission execution.


A rugged box protects all the sensitive hardware inside, where you have a mobile PC installed running the GCS-Software as well as communication equipment for real-time data transmission. The standard version of the GCS keeps system control and data communication separated from the payload-downlink. This ensures flexibility and easy reconfiguration without comprising system stability.



A powerful tool

  •  Preflight mission planning
  •  Mission simulation for verification and operator training
  •  In-flight waypoint reprogramming
  •  Altitude and speed changes during navigational flight
  •  User definable flight patterns
  •  Multiple UAV profiles
  •  Flight data Communication, supporting a wide range of radio modems.
  •  Payload operation
  •  Remote flight via configurable Joystick control
  •   Video downlink and display with optional overlay of telemetry data fields
  •  Logging of flight telemetry data and post-flight analysis
  •  Definition of failsave recovery or emergency patterns




User friendly interface:
•  Point and click waypoint editor / mission planner

  •   Mission simulator for testing and training purposes
  •  User definable units (Imperial / Metric)
  •   Remote Piloting mode overrides navigation for flexible reconnaissance
  •   User friendly ergonomic layout
  •   Large map area

The combination of the mission simulator and user-friendly design will accelerate the learning curve for the UAV controller and simplify UAV application.



Informative real-time flight feedback

The GCS allows the user to access critical information in real-time. Up to eight user-defined sensors can be configured and displayed in three formats:

Current:         Sensor values are displayed in an easy to read gauge format.
Strip Chart:   graphs sensor specific variations over time.

Trace Route: displays sensor data variations along the UAV's flight path.

Warning and danger levels can be set for each gauge.



Flexible and configurable:

The user can configure payload buttons and sliders to initiate flight patterns or control payloads

Support of multiple screen resolutions

Features can be enabled or disabled according to the application and user requirements.